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Ask Now > Learn More is the internet’s premier ask a lawyer service, which connects skilled attorneys from all over the country with users seeking online legal advice. Our unique ‘name your own price’ system is the first of its kind, and ensures that users of the ask a lawyer function will receive the very best possible value when having their legal questions answered. In addition, our free law library is an valuable resource for anyone looking to research on their own. We have detailed information about family law, employment law, criminal law, civil rights, business, LLCs, partnerthips, estate planning, and more.

Our website allows users to ask a lawyer for information on any question or issue they may have, free of up-front cost or obligation. All you have to do is ask your legal question, name the price you are willing to pay for an answer, and the website will match you up with an attorney willing to do the research for you. No in-office visits, no retainers, no hourly fees, and no hidden costs. Shortly after your bid is accepted, you will receive a thorough, in-depth answer to your question, in a clear and easy to understand format.  *Click here for examples of what you’ll get*  

By offering a straightforward and inexpensive system for everyday users to ask a lawyer any question they might have, TheLawternative takes the anxiety and uncertainty out of the process for those seeking online legal advice. So click ‘ask a lawyer now’, and let our network of attorneys build a customized answer to your legal question. 

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